About us


Our company «RusExport Ltd.» has been doing active business of international supply of sugar beet molasses.

We offer a full range of services for molasses supply to hydrolysis, yeast, bioethanol and feed-milling industries.

Export of molasses is made on the following terms in accordance with Incoterms 2010:


~ Marine transport (FOB, CIF).

~ Railway transport (FCA, CPT, DAP, DAT).

~ Moto transport (FCA, CPT)


The basic means of transportation: marine tankers (in bulk); containers with flexi bags, tank containers, IBCs.


Our company has well equipped warehousing terminal facilities for storage of molasses, specialized truck and road tank fleet, and all necessary equipment for handling molasses. Our technological solutions provide an opportunity to build up a logistical chain and ensure continual supply of the goods to the consumer all year round.


Thanks to our many years marketing experience, availability of molasses volumes demanded by the customers and sufficient technical equipment our company fills leading positions in international supply of sugar beet molasses.

Molasses transshipment

Distribution and delivery<br/>of sugar beet molasses by trucks

Export of sugar beet molasses<br/>by railway carriers

Export of sugar beet molasses<br/>by marine vessels

Port complex for molasses<br/>transshipment into tankers

Molasses storage

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