About us

Our company RusExport Ltd. conducts the vigorous activity in the field of sugar beet molasses supply since 1995.

We deliver the full array of services regarding molasses supply to hydrolysis, yeast, bioethanol and feed-milling industries.

Export of molasses are effected on DAT, CIF and FOB terms (Incoterms 2010). Shipments can be made by marine, railway and motor carriers.

Our company disposes over well-appointed molasses storage facilities, special-purpose truck fleet and all the necessary equipment for molasses transshipment, we implement the entire range of activities in logistics as well. All that gives us an opportunity to ensure steady and uninterrupted supply of the goods all the year round.



Thank to our long market experience, availability of molasses in the required quantities and sufficient equipment capability, our company holds the leading position in sugar beet molasses export.

Molasses transshipment

Distribution and delivery
of sugar beet molasses by trucks

Export of sugar beet molasses
by railway carriers

Export of sugar beet molasses
by marine vessels

Port complex for molasses
transshipment into tankers

Molasses storage

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