Molasses storage

Bulk molasses is stored in vertical steel tanks with volumetric capacity of 5000 cum each.


Molasses transshipment

We have the following equipment for molasses transshipment at disposal:

— Pumping equipment for think liquids;

— Hose equipment;

— Steam generator.


Molasses delivery

— by trucks

We have our own fleet of road tankers for bulk cargo transportation, sugar beet molasses in particular. All the tankers are made of stainless steel, isotermical, equipped with steam heating systems. Tonnage of the tankers may vary between 27 and 40 tones. All the tanks are equipped with drain valve and adapters of various types and diameters (from 80 to 200 mm).

For bulk cargo transshipment, our company has the following equipment at its disposal:

  • • Road tanker pumps, including special purpose tanker pumps for thick liquids;
  • • Mobile complexes for cargo transshipment;
  • • Composite hoses for bulk cargo transporting;
  • • Various fittings for link-up of cargo hoses with tanks and containers of any types.

— by railway carriers

We provide distribution and railway transportation services of sugar beet molasses. Tonnage of the cistern cars may vary form 60 to 68 tones.

Export deliveries are made on DAT terms.

— by marine vessels

Our company offers distribution and maritime transportation service of sugar beet molasses of various tonnages.

Shipment can be effected by vessels for river-sea navigation and by sea tankers with deadweight of 5000 mts. Terms of delivery are FOB Yeisk sea port, Temryuk sea port (Sea of Azov) or CIF port of discharge. Loading rate is up to 1500 mts. per day. Depth of berth and alley-ways is 4.3-7-4.8 metres.


Molasses transshipment

Distribution and delivery
of sugar beet molasses by trucks

Export of sugar beet molasses
by railway carriers

Export of sugar beet molasses
by marine vessels

Port complex for molasses
transshipment into tankers

Molasses storage

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