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Sugar beet molasses

Sugar beet molasses is a by-product of the processing of sugar beets into sugar. It is utilized as a raw material for producing ethanol, citric acid, bakery and feeding yeast and as an additive for animal feed. It is a dark brown substance of syrupy consistency with a very specific smell, it has a sweet taste with a slight bitter tinge. It is completely soluble in hot and cold water.

Our company delivers sugar beet molasses which is in conformity with GOST R 52304-2005 requirements.

According to GOST R 52304-2005 the quality of sugar beet molasses meets the following requirements:

Physical and chemical features
Criteria Value
Dry matter, %, minimum 75,0
Polarization degree, %, minimum 44,0
Reducing matter, %, maximum 1,0
Total fermentable sugars, %, minimum 46,0
Calcium salts in conversion on CaO, %, maximum 1,5
pH 6.5 — 8.0
Allowable level of toxic elements, pesticides and radionuclides
Substance denomination Допустимый уровень, мг/кг
(for radionuclides — Bq/kg), maximum
Toxic elements:
– lead
– arsenic
– cadmium
– hydrargyrum

— hexachlorocyclohexane (alpha-, beta-, gamma- isomers)
— DDT and its metabolites

— cesium-137
— strontium-90

Microbiological features:
Aerobic mesophilic
and facultative anaerobic count,
CFU/G, maximum
Yeast, CFU/G, maximum Fungus, CFU/G, maximum
1 х 10 4 50 50

Molasses transshipment

Distribution and delivery
of sugar beet molasses by trucks

Export of sugar beet molasses
by railway carriers

Export of sugar beet molasses
by marine vessels

Port complex for molasses
transshipment into tankers

Molasses storage

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